FemForce Origins

Femforce Origins

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At a casual glance at the artwork, it may appear that FEMFORCE is designed to be a male fantasy dream. Some men equate a beautiful, busty woman with being stupid, or, at best, as being sex objects. That is not the intent of FEMFORCE. True, the women portrayed in FEMFORCE are both beautiful and busty but they are also intelligent, strong, capable, wise and exciting. I can think of real life examples of women who fit this bill. Actress Lois Hamilton was beautiful and no one could deny that she was very busty. But she was also highly intelligent and had business acumen. Ratcheting up a notch, there was Irish McCalla (TV’s SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE in 1956) who was not only beautiful and busty but also tall, savvy and entertaining. And, she was a damn fine artist. To me, Irish had all the qualities I hoped to imbue in FEMFORCE women. Another example is Maria Paris, the actress portraying BLUE BULLETEER and NIGHTVEIL in our video productions. She possesses most of the afore mentioned traits (tall, she’s not) and adds to it moxie, gumption, drive, perseverance, ambition and professionalism. Maria’s on-screen personality hits the Femforce nail on the head.

I do not write FEMFORCE from a man’s point of view. Everything is developed from a woman’s perspective. Being a man, how can I write a woman’s point of view? Good question. That is what I TRY to do. I hope that I succeed but I’m never sure. Women are a mystery to me. What man can honestly say that he understands women?
At an early age I learned I didn’t know much about girls. Each girlfriend I had was different from the others and I learned a great deal from each relationship.

During my adult professional life, I always seem to have had jobs where I worked with very capable, talented women. In my opinion, that is a benefit. So why should, in comic books, every super team be all male with a token female? Why not all female with a token male? Best of all, the group could be FEMFORCE… all female.

Back in my art school days after completing another painting of a nude figure I mused “Wouldn’t it be neat if I could make a living out of painting beautiful women?” To a large extent, that dream has come true. Beautiful women, or artistic representations thereof, have supported me for most of my adult life. But whereas a figure study is rather cold and impersonal, the comic book media allows you to breath life into a created woman. They can display, from page to page, a personality with a range of emotions. After a fashion these comic book women become well rounded characters having a life of their own.

That’s what I have strived for in FEMFORCE. Each character is very different from the other. Each has individual personality traits, flaws, goals and aspirations. Do I understand these women? I’m trying to understand them. Each acts differently in any given conflict. Can I control these women? No. You’d think that I could, but I can’t. As I write their adventures I am compelled to have them act as they should based on their individual personalities, not on mine. That makes them very interesting, fresh and exciting.

Are they beautiful and busty? Yes. But they are so much more than that.

Bill Black


Click here to join Ms. Victory on a tour of the Femforce universe
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