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Femforce Foes

Femforce Foes

Rad is bad! Rad is really Jennifer Burke, Joan Wayne’s daughter, who originally replaced her mother, when her mother was the original Rad, and became the second Ms. Victory. Driven over the edge by a multitude of events, she leaves trouble in her wake as she pursues her own goals with little thought to who might get hurt. Rad appears in many issues. A few are Femforce # 22, 75, and 93.

Iron Jaw was the villain in the first Femforce story arc published over 10 years ago (not counting the dinosaurs and the giant Amazons), and somehow he still manages to turn up and wreak havoc. No doubt, he’s pursuing some nefarious plan right now. Catch Iron Jaw in Femforce #1 and 20, among others.

Proxima is a warrior woman of Rur and a sworn enemy of Stardust. Extremely ruthless, her commission of numerous atrocities during the Rur-Earth War led to her replacement as leader of Rur’s military forces by FemParagon and to her banishment from the planet. Her flight from Rur led to an eventual team-up with the villainous Fearforce. Proxima can be found in several issues, including #’s 65, 72, and 74.

Valkyra is another member of the Fearforce with a longstanding loathing for our heroines. Formerly Panzer, a product of Hitler’s Germany, she was brought to the present in 1990, and changed her codename and costume in an effort to adapt to life in the future and avoid prosecution as a Nazi war criminal. Find her in Issue 62.
The Shroud is the most malevolent villain the Femforce must face. Having defeated him at great cost during the Shroud War, the recent changes in the time continuum mean that the Femforce is going to have to do it all over again. The Shroud Wars were issues 34-36.

The Goat god Capricorn has tried to make a meal of our lovelies souls several times now. While he is apparently defeated at present, who knows when he might return through supernatural means to challenge the Femforce again. The Capricorn Chronicles were in Femforce #’s 55-57.

FemParagon is presently the leader of the Rurian Army but she first came to the attention of the Femforce when she came through a breach in a dimensional portal and, because she is a rabid feminist, set out to conquer this world and put women in charge. She was defeated by Synn just short of destroying the Femforce but was later freed from imprisonment by the invading Rurians who were, at that time, led by Proxima. Check out issues #41 and 66.

Gorgana is another member of the Fearforce. She loathes Nightveil and wants her magic and body for her evil purposes. A talented sorceress, she enters alternate dimensions by possessing bodies while leaving her own true body in Limbo. See Femforce #73 for some of her handiwork.

Alizarin Crimson wants Nightveil’s Cloak of Darkness. The most powerful practitioner of the Black Arts on this plane, she possesses knowledge of every arcane science. Her skills and acumen are without peer; only her pride and vanity leave her vulnerable. Nightveil is her sworn enemy and she has almost defeated the mystic maiden on several occasions. Deceitful and treacherous, she has no remorse; and, a bad habit of surviving even the worst disasters. She humiliates Nightveil in Issues 14 and 15, and almost takes out the Femforce in Issue 47.

The former mercenary, superagent, and spy Darkfire uses her Menta Helmet to comunicate with and control minds. She has been working with the Fearforce, although she did aid our heroines in the battle against the Shroud. She has a major role in Issues 29 and 71.

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