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Garganta Profile

Garganta Profile

Dr. Carol Heisler volunteered to test her own scientific formula, an outgrowth of the formula Joan Wayne developed. The variation in the formula, combined with her body chemistry, caused her to become filled with energy and her body to grow to gigantic proportions. Her altered state caused her to go on a rampage as she could not control the energy coursing through her. The Femforce was able to stop her and return her to her normal size but shortly thereafter the government decided to further experiment with her and determine her capabilities. Reactivating her growth powers with electricity, they found she could not be controlled and she was off on another rampage. It seemed she’s met her end in the depths of the Atlantic but instead she mutated into a giant sea mammal.

Host of her own Book

The marauding space Gammazons plucked her from her peaceful life in the deep blue sea to help them in their efforts to subdue the planet, but the Femforce once again came toher rescue. With practice, she’s learned to control her size-changing abilities and has developed the empathic powers that previously caused her to be overwhelmed with emotion and to go on rampages.

Garganta can control her size, growing from 5′6″ to a maximum of 60′6″ through willpower. She also has empathic powers which enable her to sense and influence emotions in others.

When she’s not lounging about Femforce Headquarters where she’s always a welcome guest, Garganta has launched a showbiz career, under the management of the less than trustworthy Stella Stargaze, taking advantage of her size-changing abilities as a unique talent in the entertainment industry.

One Response to "Garganta Profile"

  1. Eric Johnson  December 12, 2011 at 1:15 am

    Garganta is a great character for several reasons.

    Of course, her powers appeal to the giantess fan community. And we do have her to thank for really launching that whole phenomenon with AC.

    Additionally, it’s neat that she’s a scientist first and a super-heroine second. She’s more likely to show up as a scientific consultant for the FemForce than to help fight bad guys. (as in her appearance in the most recent issue).

    Also, she’s got some interesting ties to the general history and world of the FF. Her previous connections with Stella Stargaze. The fact that she was rampage-prone early in her career, and fought against the FF as often as she fought alongside them. (sorta parallels the Hulk and the early days Avengers in that way).

    All these factors make her an interesting supporting character.

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