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Tara Profile

Tara Profile

Name Tara Fremont
Birthdate November 17, 1964
Birthplace Winter Park, Florida
Height 5′8″
Weight 132 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Measurements 36 – 24 – 34

After her graduation from Florida State University with degrees in Veterinary Medicine and Wildlife Management, Tara convinced her father, the wealthy T.C. Fremont, to devote a considerable portion of his assets to creating a sanctuary for endangered wildlife. That project became known as “Jungle Island.” As the project made headlines, Tara, who served as both supervisor and spokesperson, was dubbed “the Jungle Girl” by the press.

A few years later, Rio Rita Farrar (the grand daughter of the original Rio Rita) was lost in the heart of the Amazon jungle while escorting Dr. Carlos Jimenez and his invention, the Time Triangle, to the United States. Since the mission involved tracking and jungle survival, Joan Wayne contacted Tara, an expert in both subjects. The mission was a success, due primarily to Tara’s involvement. After that, she was invited to join the Femforce and has been a member of that group ever since.

Some time after joining the Femforce, Tara was slipped the “Garganta” formula by the producer of a Spann-xx infomercial. The formula has given Tara the ability to grow to great heights at will. Her ability to grow is limited by her ability to focus and she has not completely mastered her growing power.

From her very first adventure with the Femforce, Tara has shown herself to be a capable and resourceful heroine. She’s a remarkable athlete, having spent much of her adult life honing the skills to survive and thrive in the jungle. She is also quite proficient in the use of hunting knives, and is quite adept at hand-to-hand fighting techniques. A master tracker, Tara stalks foes from concealment and strikes quickly and efficiently.

Moody and introspective, she sometimes gets lost in her thoughts, particularly when she is in the jungle spending time with her beloved animals. Danger always seems to find her in these quiet moments when she is alone with no one to help her. At such times, she often manages to survive only by sheer force of will.

In the pages of Good Girl Art Quarterly’s Summer 1991 Issue, the producer of a Span-xx infomercial slipped Tara the “Garganta” formula. The effect was supposed to be temporary, but it’s never worn off. After the initial shock, Tara came to view her power as a good thing and it helps her self-esteem to not be the only member of the Femforce without a “super” power!

Rogues Gallery:

Stella Stargaze

Stella Stargaze has been a thorn in Tara’s side since the day she first used the “Hypnotic Eye” to attract the amorous attention of Tara’s dad, T.C. Fremont. Stella’s more a person of few redeeming qualities than a villain, unless you count her love of fur and her efforts to drive a wedge between Tara and her father as evil. Tara does!

Dr. Rivits

By far, Tara’s most longstanding foe is the evil Dr. Rivits and his equally nefarious daughter, Roxanne. From Tara’s earliest days on Jungle Island, she has constantly battled the Doctor’s mad schemes for world domination and his attempts to use her island as a base. The Rivits Family has captured her, tortured her, and left her for dead on a number of occasions, but she has always managed to survive their demented plans. Most recently, father and daughter drugged her and tied her to a giant slingshot, attempting to catapult her to her doom. Only Synn’s timely intervention saved the Jungle Girl.


The creature known to the AC Universe as, Frightenstein, has throttled poor Tara within an inch of her life on several occasions. The monster has taken a liking to her but he just can’t stand rejection!

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