Colt Profile

Created by Don Secrease, Colt appeared in her first special for AC Comics in 1985. The Weapons Mistress has been a fan favorite ever since. If you’re unfamiliar with the character, here’s how she was introduced oh so many years ago:

“Valencia Kirk, daughter of a military arms expert and married to a government spy, started off collecting weapons as a hobby. That led to her being trained in the use of such weapons and eventually to joining in her husband’s occupation. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kirk were the most successful husband/wife spy team in the ‘department’…until Kevin was murdered while investigating a criminal sect called The Pact. Quitting the ‘department’ and seeking a new life for herself, Valencia swears vengeance against all evil as…Colt, the Weapons Mistress!”

The pint-sized pistolera was called in to lead the Femforce at the end of issue 9 when Ms. Victory was forced to take the unstable V-45 drug and became the original Rad. She served in that capacity for about 20 issues until she was forced out of her position as team leader in favor of Jennifer Burke, Ms. Victory’s daughter, because General Gordon found her to be too independent for him to control. She took her ouster hard but resumed her role as a private investigator and spy for the Government.