Nyoka the Jungle Girl 3

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The new Nyoka serial achieves chapter 3- “The Skull Squad”!! Even as Nyoka escapes a chocking doom by leaping through a window, Chuck Ramsey( now revealed to be Captain Nightflight )is being tortured by Vida’s thugs. A hopeless attempt to save him on Nyoka’s part is trumped by a machine-gun-weilding Larry Grayson, but an airstrike followed by a ground assault from three new players saves the day. The China Clipper, The Phantom Falcon, The Blonde Bomber and The Skipper, known collectively as the Skull Squad! Serial-style action in the best classic tradition, as written , layed out and inked by Bill Black, with pencils by Bill Lux and assists by Bill Koch. The Golden Age reprints this go-around include “Jungle Jousts Of Death”, from Fawcett’s Master Comics #105, July, of 1949, is drawn by H. C. Kiefer; “The Symbol Of Danger”, is from Master #127, April of 1952, and “The Ivory Pirates”, from Charlton’s Nyoka #17, January of 1957, is drawn by Maurice Whitman. A line-drawn Bill Black illustration that was an alternate cover for this issue is the centerspread, and there is a personal letter from Nyoka actress Kay Aldridge. Color photo cover, black and white photo back and inside covers. Interiors are black and white with graytones. 44 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1988.



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