September 6, 2011

Men of Mystery 54

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The Black Terror returns to the pages of Men of Mystery!! Inside a stunning Alex Schomburg cover, you’ll find a gripping late-1940’s ‘Terror tome, “The Plundering Pooch”, wherin an innocent but well-trained dog helps a gang of thugs fleece a millionaire- until the Terror Twins intervene!! Art by George(Batman, Fantastic Four) Roussos, and then-Nedor art director Ralph Mayo. Then, Fox Features red, white and blue defender, The Eagle takes on a band of Nazi saboteurs armed with magnetic guns and light-bending invisibility rays, as drawn by Pierce Rice and Arturo Cazeneuve. Quality Comic’s Wonder Boy uses all his super-abilities to return an exploited circus performer to his homeland, in an Al Bryant-illustrated story originally printed in National Comics #15. Two-fisted detective Mark Fabian makes his MoM debut, in a Mike Sekowsky- drawn tale- “Hot Rod”!! Then, Fiction House’s Captain Terry Thunder takes on “The Desrert Panther”, as drawn by Robert Hayward Webb, and finally Novelty Press’ Target and The Targeteers break up a crooked water show, in beachside action as rendered by Joe Certa. Golden Age gems, reprinted in crystal-clear, full-story format. 52 pages, standard comic book size and format, color covers with black & white interiors. Printed in 2005