Men of Mystery 78

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Another issue of 100% quality- Quality Comics that is, as Everett Arnold’s late, great comic house of the 1940’s and early ’50’s is the complete focus of this volume of MOM. Inside Mike Machlan’s superb Jack Kirby homage cover of Quality Comic’s MANHUNTER you’ll find that very same character himself in the lead story, as a criminal convention nominates a team of underworld killers to try to take out The MANHUNTER and his dog THOR, in an unnamed story originally seen in Police Comics #25, with art by Reed Crandall and Rudy Palais. Then, it’s Paul Gustavson’s JESTER, wherin the laughing clown of crimefighting breaks up a phoney charity casino scam in a vintage tale from Smash Comics #34, followed by Jim Mooney and Robert Turner’s groundbreaking “good girl” art superheroine, WILDFIRE ; who stops a vicious gang of killers intent on destroying America’s oil fields in a story from Smash Comics #30. Next, LADY LUCK breaks up a Japanese plot to devastate the US with bubonic plague in a screwball drama drawn by Klaus Nordling, followed by the MOM debut of a never-previously-reprinted Quality hero- The MARKSMAN!! Polish Baron Povalski leads a TRIPLE life in occupied Europe of WWII; “haunting” his own ancestral castle (taken over by Nazi forces as a local headquarters), he infiltrates the enemy forces themselves disguised as “German” Major Hurtz, and using the information he gleans in that guise to thwart Nazi plans as the cloaked, bow-wielding MARKSMAN, in an untitled story from Smash #34. Then, it’s another MOM first-timer, The RED TORPEDO!! A mysterious masked vigilante pilots his navagible, one-man torpedo in a quest to keep the high seas safe, in an H. C. Kiefer-drawn story from Crack Comics #5; followed my the return of an old nemesis in a feature-length DOLLMAN adventure drawn by John Spranger. The UNDERTAKER returns in “The Million Dollar Corpse”, from late in the run of Dollman Comics. Then, it’s Pete Trask- T-MAN in “The Voice of Russia”, from T-Man Comics. The courageous government undercover agent must block a Soviet plot to over-broadcast the Voice of America radio program with Communist lies. Art by W. G. Hargis. Finally, this issues’ THIRD debut character, The UNKNOWN rings in as he fights the Axis powers inside the occupied areas of the Balkans in an untitled story (drawn by Bernie Klein) from National Comics. As always, Men of Mystery is 64 pages of crisp, clean, full-story black & white reprints from actual Golden Age comics. Standard comic book size, with full color covers, saddle stitched. Printed in 2009.


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