Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 2 REVISED SECOND EDITION

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REVISED SECOND EDITION NOW AVAILABLE, WITH 36 additional pages of material added to the original!! OVER 180 PAGES OF COVERAGE ON EVERETT “BUSY” ARNOLD’S QUALITY COMICS GROUP!! The best – drawn features of comics’ Golden Age came from a company whose name accurately reflected their product- Quality Comics. See indepth coverage on many obscure and rarely-seen heroes fom this great line, rendered by some of the greatest craftsmen the comics field has ever known. Check out crisp, clean full-story reprints of such gems as both Dollman and Firebrand by Reed Crandall, George Brenner’s The Clock; The Human Bomb AND Arizona Raines, drawn by Paul Gustavson; Phantom Lady , illustarted by Arthur Peddy; Lady Luck by Klaus Nordling; The Ray, as rendered by Lou Fine and Bob Fujitani; Torchy, by Bill Ward; USA, The Spirit of Old Glory, by Maurice Gutwirth; the freedom-loving freebooter Black Roger; and undercover agent par excellance Peter Trask, the T-Man – in stories never previously seen since their original printings in the 1940’s, comprising more than 90 pages of material!! Plus, previously-reprinted (in various issues of AC’s Men of Mystery and Golden Age Greats titles ) adventures of such Quality stalwarts as The Spider-Widow, (by Rudy Palais): Espionage, starring The Black X, (as drawn by Will Eisner): Manhunter, (by Alex Kotzky); Wildfire, (by Jim Mooney); Reuben Moriera’s G-2, and Quicksilver by the great Jack Cole. All this plus cover repros and a text overview of the company by comics historian Bill Black. 150 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic-bokk size and squarebound perfect binding.New Edition adds BLACK CONDOR by Lou Fine, CAPTAIN TRIUMPH, KID ETERNITY, WONDER BOY by Al Bryant; additional WILDFIRE and LADY LUCK stories- plus NEW MANHUNTER & T-MAN adventures!!Revised Edition printed in 2007.


The Official Home of AC Comics : Comic Book Publisher. We publish the long-running superheroine comic, Femforce. We also publish Golden Age superhero and Horror reprints. We are now publishing Big Bang Universe here as well and hope to have other revivals and new series soon.

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One thought on “Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 2 REVISED SECOND EDITION
  1. j edward malone

    this is an excellent collection of one of the most important of all Golden Age publishers, and I refer to it often
    it is near definitive in terms of content
    it includes beautiful examples of all the major characters and dozens of more obscure ones and several good essays … in terms of comics content its much more exhaustive than the recent AlterEgo/TwoMorrows volume (which was also very good for the essays and colour content)

    any chance for a matching Fawcett volume? I know AC has published a few all-Fawcett issues of Men of Mystery, and the old Golden Age Greats vol 4 (I think?) but I really believe the Fawcett characters deserve to be given a similar format to this Quality book: obviously at least one story apiece for SpySmasher, Ibis, Bulletman and Mr Scarlet, one of Nyoka and then whatever else you think we need to know about … though some Dave Berg or Wolverton humour strips would be appreciated, maybe some latterday horror or other genre examples, and if you can manage it Hoppy the Marvel Bunny! (some editorial tweaking would not be minded if it could facilitate a Hoppy appearance in such a volume)