Crypt of Horror Volume 5

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┬áStill more classic horror comics from the 1950’s!!! A full 23 COMPLETE STORIES, in crystal- clear black and white, as drawn by the masters of the macabre, from the heyday of the horror comic book. This issue contains: “The She-Monster” ( a Frankenstein story from the heralded Prize Comics series) by Dick Breifer; “The Creature In The Fens” by Jay Disbrow; “Walking Dead” by Bob Powell; “The Thing From The Sea” by Ralph Mayo; “The Spider Man” by Abe Simon; “Quest of the Chlorophyl Monsters” by Jack Katz; “Get Lost” by Ernie Schroeder; “Death Dives Deep” by Gene Fawcette; “The Night People” by Steve Ditko; “The Man Who Imagined A Monster” by Ernie Schroeder; “Ghouls Rush In” by Dick Ayers; “Monster In Town” by Al Williamson; “Who Called?” by Al Eadeh; “Second Floor Rear” by Bernie Krigstein; “The Vampire Bride” by Dick Ayers; “I Saw The Vampire” by Manny Stallman; “Monster’s Maze” by Tom Cooke; “Box of Death” by Jay Disbrow; “Talking Corpse” by Joe Sinnott; “Which Face Is Mine?” by Syd Shores; “Peg Powler” by Alex Toth; “The Thing From The Sewer” by Fred Kida; and”Off With His Head” . A full 120 pages of spooky scares originally published by Prize Comics, Avon, Four Star, Fiction House and other now-defunct publishers. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched; black & white interiors with full-color covers. Printed in 2008.


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