Blue Bulleteer: Captured By The Cloak | Planet Of The Damned DVD

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An ALL-ORIGINAL Bill Black double feature!! “CAPTURED BY THE CLOAK” is a FEMFORCE tour-du-force starring the FF’s own BLUE BULLETEER (portrayed by Maria Paris) in solo action facing the menace of the mysterious masked villain known as…The CLOAK!! After foiling several robberies thruout the city, the curvy crimefighter known as The BLUE BULLETEER falls victim of a deadly trap set by the criminal mastermind The CLOAK!! Lured into his cluthes via a clever ruse, BB is tied down and put up for auction- with her worst enemies as the bidders!! Could this be the END of this fighting FEMFORCE fury? It’s chase scenes, brawling, catfights and costumed melodrama in the AC Comics tradition- which means LOTS of “good girl art” style cheesecake- all in in-your-face LIVE ACTION!! Plus- a cameo appearance by SYNN!! Produced & directed by FEMFORCE creator Bill Black, from a screenplay by Paul Monsky and Bill Black, starring Maria(NIGHTVEIL: WITCHWAR)Paris, Mike Acord, Lindy Star-Taylor, Brett Taylor, Sam Rossi, and Ralph Cahill- with a special guest-appearance of Amy LoCicero as Synn. Full color, crystal-clear live-action, with a running time of 31minutes. Then, it’s weird, wild science-fiction with a GTS flavor in the second feature of this top-flight double bill, with PLANET OF THE DAMNED!! Spaceman Sandor crash-lands on a remote planet, then discovers that because it is off limits no rescue party will come to help him. Trapped on its desolate surface, the planet itself seems to be against him. The only other inhabotant is a beautiful, fanged giantess who taunts Sandor into submission. Which comes first? Insanity or death on the…PLANET OF THE DAMNED!! It’s deserted cities, wild cosmic special effects, and a standount performance by Bill Fredericks as Sandor, as he is haunted, hunted and hounded by the dangerous and delectible 50 foot tall beauty Purgus, portrayed with sensual gusto by Amy LoCicero. Giant woman fanatics, this is the movie you’ve been waiting for!! Written, produced and directed by Bill Black, this full-color, 37 minute live-action feature also stars Sam Waters and Jessica Vernor. Both of these great all-new movies on one disc, PLUS lots of extras including an interview with Captured By The Cloak star Maria Paris!! All-digital, regions-free, recorded in NTSC format on a DVD-R disc, which should be playable on any standard DVD player. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2009.