Stormy Tempest: Attack of the Giantess DVD

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SEE…Giant Stormy tromp through the city!! SEE…Her swat flying soldiers like insects!! SEE…Captured rocketmen eaten alive!! Giantess fans will NOT be disappointed!!!Smokin’ rockets!! It’s STORMY TEMPEST, the hottest babe in the Space Force, on another incredible mission of interplanetary daring! You’ve seen this Bill Black creation in the comic books, dating back to Bill’s Paragon Publications line, right up to her recent guest-appearances in FEMFORCE- and slated for her own ongoing series in FF in 2010!! this time, in this stunning live-action video spectacular, Stormy must hurry to a far-flung planet to stop militaristic forces before they attack our solar system. But when approaching their objective, Stormy’s ship the Terra 6 passes through a strange space warp that alters their relative size. Teleporting down, Stormy enters the city of the invaders and realizes that she has become enormous…a towering giantess!! And THEN the rocketmen attack! Starring NICOLA RAE as Stormy Tempest, and JOHNJG as S.H.I.P. Produced by Bill Black, directed by JohnJG and Bill Black. Special Notes: Don’t let the short run time fool you! We’ve skipped all of the boring stuff and jumped straight into the action with this CGI special effects extravaganza! EVERY SECOND in this film is digitally enhanced with computer effects! Giant women fans… this one was made specifically with you in mind!! The feature has a running time of 15 minutes, plus extras, INCLUDING “Smokin’ Rockets”!! Bringing Stormy Tempest to the Screen. (17 minutes) Photos, outtakes, SFX test footage, behind-the-scenes ( from the upcoming STORMY TEMPEST: PERILS IN THE PAST), comic book pages, embarrassing moments and more!! A FULL episode of the 1950′s classic TV sseries, SPACE PATROL (30 minutes) “Revenge of the Black Falcon”, wherin evil Prince Baccaratti overpoweres Buzz and Hap and, using the time drive(as Stormy does in her film), travels to a past era on Earth where the Commander and his cadet are captured by ultra-conservative citizens who plan to burn them at the stake. 1954 Ed Kemmer, Lyn Osborne. Also, TEN trailers for other SMARTY PANTS ENTERTAINMENT films!! CHEESEORAMA- Mockumentary on low-budget film making- very funny!! Including everything, the disc has a total running time of an hour and a half of entertainment!!Full, color digitally-enhanced live-action video on DVD, in regions-free NTSC format, on a single DVD-R disc that should play on any standard DVD player. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment and Nightveil Media, Inc. in 2009