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When unscrupulous Carlos Manning (Leroy Mason) discovers that an old Spanish land grant recently unearthed will leave a huge section of California real estate to the heirs of Don Quantero, he employs Donovan (Roy Barcroft) and his killer henchmen to murder them all. That will leave Manning as the sole heir to the millions. However, Delores Quantero, (Adruan Booth) tumbles to this plot and enlists the aide of two-fisted reporter Cliff Roberts (Kirk Alyn ) to save all her relatives. The fighting twosome brave plots of certain death in episode after episode as one by one, the heirs of Don Q are bumped off. A couple of years later, Kirk Alyn gained fame as the movies’ first SUPERMAN. Directed by Spencer Bennett and Fred Bannon, originally released by Republic Pictures in 1946. Twelve full chapters running 166 minutes, an all-ages, regions-free presentation in NTSC format on two DVD-R discs with interactive menus that should play on any standard DVD player.