Don Daredevil Rides Again DVD

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Sinister land-grabber Stratton ( classic B-Western villain ROY BARCROFT ) tries to swindle Patricia Doyle (ALINE TOWNE ) out of her ranch using a forgery of an old Spanish land grant. The local sherriff (I. STANFORD JOLLEY ) is no help because he’s in with Stratton. All looks hopeless until young Lee Hadley (KEN CURTIS- best known for his role as Festus on TV’s GUNSMOKE series) returns from the East and lends a hand. It soon becomes obvious that lawful means will not prevail against Stratton’s gunmen, led by Weber (LANE BRADFORD ) Lee then puts on the costume of DON DARDEVIL, legendary masked vigilante of times long gone, and meets gunfire with gunfire. In twelve thrill-packed episodes DON DAREDEVIL fights through countless harrowing experiences in his efforts to save the rancher’s property. (Look for another familiar TV face in the cast, in the role of ranchhand/sidekivk Buck. You’ll have new respect GREEN ACRES pig-parenting Mr. Ziffel after viewing this movie!!) In the tradition of ZORRO, DON DAREDEVIL RIDES AGAIN brings serial fans a new masked hero to cheer on in another thrilling cliffhanger originally released by Republic Pictures in 1951. This is an all- ages DVD presentation of the full black & white 1951 serial, plus bonus extras. It is unrated, regions-free, in NTSC format and recorded on a DVD-R disc, and should play on any standard DVD player