King of the Rocketmen DVD

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When Science Associates trouble shooter Jeff King (Tristram Coffin) puts on his bullet helmet and jet pack, he soars into action as the high-flying champion of justice, ROCKETMAN!! In this guise, he combat’s the mysterious DOCTOR VULCAN and his cheif henchman, Dirken (DON HAGGERT) who are bent on world dominion. Aiding King are Burt Winslow (HOUSE PETERS,Jr.) and reporter Glenda Thomas (MAE CLARKEE ). But when Dr. Vulcan turns the powerful Decimater disintegrator ray on New York City, can even the might of ROCKETMAN stop him? See this amazing struggle thruout 12 incredible chapters. Directed by Fred Brannon . Black & white, 166 minutes; originally released in 1949 by Republic Pictures. Extras include an interactive menu, extended trailer reel, and a photo album of the complete set of lobby cards for all 12 chapters. Not rated, this all regions DVD is in NTSC format, and recoreded on two DVD-R disc. It should be viewable on any standard DVD player.