Panther Girl of the Kongo DVD

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DIGITALLY REMASTERED!!!! Jean Evans(Phyllis Coates), the beautiful photographer whom the natives call THE PANTHER GIRL OF THE KONGO, encounters a fiendish plot by diamond smugglers in Africa. A renegade scientist (Arthur Space) developes a fantastic growth hormone to create gigantic CLAW MONSTERS that keep both natives and the authoriries busy while his men loot diamond mines. With the aid of white hunter Larry Saunders (Myron Healey), Panther Girl combats giant crayfish, a savage gorilla, slithering crocodiles, blazing guns, deadly explosions and life-threatening perils. Phyllis Coates is fondly remembered as TV’s first Lois Lane in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. Myron Healey, who usually portrays the bad guy, gets a chance to show his prowess as a hero in this cliffhanger, one of the last produced by Republic in 1952. This is a standard, all-regions DVD, playable on any standard DVD player. Running time is approximately 166 minutes.