Radar Patrol vs. Spy King DVD

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Enemy agents threaten to destroy America’s radar defense network!! Enter Defense Bureau operator Chris Calvert ( KIRK “SUPERMAN” ALYN ) to stave off sabotage attempts initiated by the ruthless Baroda (JOHN MERTON), head of the most dangerous ring of saboteurs in the annals of military intelligence. Chris is joined in his fight by pretty and brilliant radar scientist Joan Hughes (JEAN DEAN) but she is captured by the evil Nitra (EVE WHITNEY), Baroda’s trusted agent. Through twelve perilous chapters Chris and Joan face blazing death and destruction at the hands of America’s enemies. This 1949 12-chapter black & white serial stars Kirk Alyn, Jean Dean, Anthony Warde, George J. Lewis and Eve Whitney; and was directed by Fred C. Bannon. Presented here, it runs 167 minutes, is regions-free, all-ages and digitally remastered in NTSC format, and is offered here on two DVD-R discs that should play in any standard DVD player. Released by CultRetro in 2010.