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SAKIMA- Oriental mastermind, employs his gang of thugs to inflict deadly acts of sabotage against wartime America. The World-Wide Insurance Company enlists the aide of four crack investigators, one of whom is the mysterious MASKED MARVEL (Tom Steele ) to route the enemy. Pretty Alice Hamilton (Louise Curry), daughter of a murdered insurance investigator, joins the team to avenge her father’s death. Mace (Anthony Warde) executes all the dirty work while Sakima (Johnny Arthur) remains safely sequestered in his secret lair. The chase is on through 12 digitally-remastered exciting episodes skillfully directed by Spencer Bennett. Originally produced by William J. O’Sullivan and released by Republic Pictures, the film also features William Forrest. This offering includes the entire original 1943 black & white serial presentation. It runs 216 minutes, and is presented as a two-disc set, recorded in NTSC format on a pair of region-free DVD-R discs that should play on any standard DVD player