The Mysterious Doctor Satan DVD

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Another all-time great among the classic action serials of the 1940′s as mad scientist Dr. Satan (EDWARDO CIANELLI) plots to steal key pieces of technology to enable him to build a ROBOT ARMY to strike against society at large in a mad grab for unbridled power. Standing in his way is stalwart and stoic Bob Wayne (ROBERT WILCOX), who adopts the guise of the mysterious masked defender, The COPPERHEAD!! Also starring William Newell, C. Montague Shaw and Dorothy Herbert. Originally released in 1940, directed by the cliffhanger experts William Witney and John English, it is considered one of the BEST action serials of the genre’s heyday. See it here in all it’s glory, all 15 chapters digitally remastered on DVD, in black & white, just as it was filmed. Presented as a two-disc set, all-ages material in a regionless DVD format, in NTSC, and recordeed on DVD-R discs that should play on any standard DVD player.