Trader Tom of the China Seas DVD

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When foriegn agents begin smuggling arms and munitions to subversive native groups in the Asian coastal country of Burmatra, where a revolution is being hatched, the United Nations brings in adventurer Tom Rogers (Harry Lauter) and Vivian Wells (Aline Towne) to run them down. Their efforts are thwarted by the sinister Barent (Lyle Talbot) who sends his top thug, Kurt Daley (Fred Graham), to do his dirty work. Daley, in turn, commands Oriental cut-throat Gursan (ace stuntman Tom Steele) and together they make a deadly duo. Major Conroy (Robert Shayne) is Trader Tom’s U. N. contact and Wang (Victor Sen Yung ) is his faithful sidekick. A strong cast and particularly good picture quality on this serial, originally released by Republic Puictures in 1954. Produced and directed by Franklin Adreon, this complete, 12-chapter, black & white serial runs 167 minutes, has been digitally remastered in NTSC format, regions-free, and is presented on two DVD-R discs, which should play on any standard DVD player. Released by CultRetro in 2009.