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Best of the West 33

Best of the West 33

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Zorro, legendary masked avenger of Old California, crosses swords with the fat sergeant to learn the secret of “Garcia’sPackage!”, by Warren Tufts. A strange house in the desert, haunted by violence, unlocks its terrible secret when The Durango Kid comes knocking at “The Mansion of Murder!” by Fred Guardineeer. Foul murder lurks in tall timber country as the shadow of a killer falls across the Haunted Horseman when “Terror Travels North!” by Dick Ayers. A young medic’s career heads for ruin until Tom Mix solves “The Doctor’s Dilemna!” by Carl Pfeufer. Redmask of the Rio Grande dares stand alone against crooked rurales to challenge “Terror Over The Border!” by Frank Bolle. It’s great Western action both North and South of the border, in great Golden Age reprints originally seen in comics from Dell, Magazine Enterprises and Fawcett. 44 pages, black and white with color covers. Printed in 2002

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