May 29th, 2020 AC Comics Scheduling Update

Posted on Category:AC Comics News

Thanks to all the great AC fans who have called and emailed during this COVID-19 quarantine. Everyone here is fine and healthy and production has continued almost uninterrupted.

If anyone is wondering about the two AC books that HAD been scheduled to ship during the shutdown period (FEMFORCE #189 and Men of Mystery #114), both are sitting here completed and can go to our printers’ (who are likewise up and running and ready to move forward with them), but we’ve had to put them on “hold” at the request of our distributor, Diamond Comics.

They had been shut down for almost two months, and not able to accept new product from publishers, OR ship out new comics to retail stores during that time. Now that they have reopened, Diamond wants to allow retailers to adjust their orders on these two books, to give flexibility to owners of stores not yet reopened, or those who have, but may have lost customers during the enforced “time out”. Once Diamond has collected those revised pre-sale numbers, they will give them to us and we can go ahead and print and ship the books to them for distribution to stores.

Exactly WHEN that information will come to us, we do not yet know- but as soon as it DOES, rest assured we’ll get those books onto the presses ASAP, so they can go out to your stores. When they do, our regular release schedule will be caught up and everything should go back to coming out in it’s regular rotation through comic shops. Please try to bear with us through this rather unique situation.