Order Femforce #195 by Sept 20th @ your comic shop!

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WEBa_Femforce_195Order Femforce #195 by Sept 20th @ your local comic shop!
(W) Bill Black (A/CA) Eric Coile, Bill Black

Full Color! Bad time on air for TV talk show temptress when she’s pained by arthritis. Is there a cure? It’s big trouble for Femforce when Stella Stargaze steals the Garganta formula, especially Tara. And what happens to Nightveil is most unexpected. Read “Stella By Starlight,, by Black and Coile.

04/18/21 Color books!!

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Hi Folks!
As you probably know by now, we’ve switched over to color on Femforce and have two new comics in color, Superbabes and 21st Centurions! You can find our new color books under “New Color” or under the individual title headings!

Superbabes #6 shipped to comic shops this week, retailers tell us! We don’t even have it yet. Femforce #192 will be shipping from Diamond Distribution “soon”.