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  • All Hero Retro Comics Annual 1



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    Fighting Yank # 6


    The post- Stardust FEMFORCE world keeps spinning onward as a villain out of the FF’s distant past, MOONWAVER exerts his influence long past his own lifespan in “SINS OF THE FATHER

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  • Golden Age Greats Spotlight # 9


    This issue of Golden Age Greats Spotlight is dedicated to complete coverage on the Golden Age version of the late, great duo of CAT-MAN and KITTEN!! Originating in Frank W. Temerson’s Crash Comics #4 in 1940, and continuing (after a partial revamp) through a six-year, 33-issue run of his own title published by Holyoke Comics; the Feline Fury and his distaff sidekick KITTEN formed one of the most interesting and unique crimefighting pairs of the 1940’s. Never before have this many complete classic CAT-MAN stories ever been reprinted in any one volume; starting with his first TWO appearances (from Crash Comics #’s 4 AND 5 ), drawn by the great Irwin Hasen; through a quartet of tales written and drawn by Charles Quinlan, including “Larceny In Liquid

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    Golden Age Greats # 1

    THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND UNAVALABLE AT ANY PRICE!! Golden Age comics and the history of the medium are topics of great interest to the AC Comics editorial staff. While the major comic producers, Marvel and DC have done a laudable job preserving and maintaining much of the material they produced during comic’s formative years, what was to become of the output from smaller, or long-defunct comics publishers? Qualitatively, this work was often as good as, and sometimes better than that produced by the big companies. To fill that historical vacuum, Golden Age Greats was created- dedicated to preserving the best and most interesting stories and forgotten characters from comics’ Golden Age. This landmark first issue starts off with a bang, presenting Holyoke’s Cat-Man and Kitten, from Cat-Man Comics #29, 1945, facing off against their arch-nemesis Dr. Macabre, in “The Man Who Conquered Death!

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