21st Centurions # 6


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21st Centurions #6
Frequency: Quarterly
Issue/Number 6
UPC Code: 794504383300-00611
Retail Price: $5.95
Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched
Dimensions: 10″ X 6.50″
Page Count: 24 pages
Color: FULL COLOR (with color covers)
Intended Audience: All ages
Genre: Action/adventure/superhero
Country of Origin: USA
Ship Date: July 30, 2021
Writers: Stephanie Heike
Artists: Stephanie Heike and Mark Heike
Cover Artist(s): Stephanie Heike and Mark Heike

Synopsis: FULL COLOR!! An official reception gone wrong spirals into a serious threat, forcing a de-powered TRIBUNE to do the unthinkable. He must rely on the kids of the recently-disbanded 21st CENTURIONS to save the day. See Harry fighting as the hero NICKLEPLATE! Meet TRIBUNE’s “nemesis” MAX TOPHOELES!!