Crypt of Horror #18


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CRYPT OF HORROR, Volume 18 ONE LEFT! More lurid Pre-Code horror, here spotlighting Quality Comics’ WEB OF EVIL title!! The aptly-named Quality Comics line of the Golden Age was synonymous with the very BEST in story and art anywhere to be found on the comics racks. Publisher Everett M. Arnold hired the top artists and writers available, and paid them better rates than anyone in the business. Ranking in total sales and popularity just below DC and Fawcett (and ABOVE Timely/Marvel, really) during their run from 1939 to 1956, the company was best known for producing the super-star features PLASTC MAN, BLACKHAWK and DOLLMAN; as well as dozens of other ongoing characters of all genres. But, when horror reigned supreme in the comic market in the early 1950’s that prime creative staff was put to turning out horror stories as well. And since head honcho “Busy” Arnold wouldn’t accept anything less, the Quality horror comics were among the best of their era, as well. WEB OF EVIL was their one and only “true” horror title, and will be spotlighted here in this special volume of COH, showcasing nine grisly WOH grabbers: “Hangman’s Horror” (drawn by JACK COLE!!), “Return of the Dead” ( by Dick Dillin), “Ghost Ship”, “The Corpse That Wouldn’t Die”, “Make-Up For Death”, “The Fiend Who Lived Forever”, “Terror In Chinatown” and “Avenging Ghosts”, plus a bonus Quality gem originally running in Ken Shannon comics, of all places- “The Corpses Wouldn’t Sleep” (illustrated by Reed Crandall). This material comprises complete reprints of WEB OF EVIL issues # 3 and 17, and THEN some .These offerings are particularly well- written and drawn, in the typical Quality manner, and have not been seen ANYWHERE since their original publication in the early 1950’s!! Big sellers in their day, they are rare gems now, as Quality has been more or less forgotten as a purveyor of horror. Not to mention one of the EARLIEST. In Hit Comics, circa 1940, ran what MAY be THE first ongoing horror feature ever seen in American comic books- a series called “The Old Witch”, wherin the titular character narrated a macabre morsel. Well, in this very volume, we’re reprinting a TOW story from Hit #6, “The Phantom Scaffold”!! Also, we’ll be including a story from ANOTHER forgotten/undiscovered source of high-gloss Pre-Code horror, the Ziff-Davis/Avon Publications title, Nightmare!! Check out “The Soul of Benjamin Sprague” (drawn by Bob Powell) from that venerable tome. Plus, rarities from Jack Kirby (“Dead Man’s Lode”), Dick Ayers (“The Man Who Wasn’t”), Steve Ditko (“The Time Chamber”), Ben Brown & Dave Gantz (“The Final Horror” ) and others, including “The Bat and the Brain”; “Bride of Anubis”; “The Girl Who Died Twice” and “The Dead Speak”. True horror comics lovers CANNOT miss this issue, as you’ll find THESE never-previously-reprinted stories nowhere else!! A full 140 pages of crisp, clear, full-story reprints in black and white, with color covers. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitchrd. Released in 2013.