Crypt of Horror #28


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More rare and esoteric PreCode horror comics are available once again in the brand-new Crypt of Horror Volume 28, now available from AC Comics!! 21 full stories in all, originally published by a plethora of pulp print publishers from the near-forgotten past of thw 1950’s, including Ajax/Farrell, Fawcett, Charlton, Hillman, Merit, Superior, ACG, Star and others, featuring art by the likes of Bernard Bailey, Sid Check, Marvin Stein, Al Hollingsworth, Harry Lazarus, Bob McCarty, Leonard Frank, John D’Agostino, Bob Forgione, Pete Riss, Al Eadeh and others uncredited. from the pages of such titles as This Magazine Is Haunted, Dark Mysteries, Strange Fantasy, Haunted Thrills, Fantastic Fears, Adventures Into The Unknown, Voodoo, Strange Journey and others. Stories include: “Skull Scavenger”, “The Monster”, “The City Of The Dead”, “Adventure In Death”, “Pit Of Horror”, “The Man Who Died Laughing”, “The Red Death, “The Eyes Of Death”, “The Hand Of Death”, “Beware The Bejango”, “What Happened To Dr. Dormm”, “The Forbidden Doom”, “The Soul Collector”, “The Vampire Cat”, “Spare Me, Please Sir”, “The Terror Of The Killer Plant”. “Ghoul For A Day”, “The Fat Man”, “Demon Fiddler”, “The Constant Eye” and “When The Sea Goes Dry”. 140 full pages of vintage macabre comic-book madness, unavailable anywhere else!! Black and white interiors, full color covers, standard comic book size and saddle-stitched. $29.95 from AC Comics. Released in 2016.