Fem Fantastique #1


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Intended as a support title to the Femforce comic, this rotating anthology was to contain several solo stories featuring FF members and supporting cast. This premiere issue has the unpredictable Rad running afoul of a race of little aliens with an ill-fated scheme to clone her. (Guest-starring Stardust.) This untitled tale is written and partially inked by Bill Black, and pencilled by Vic Bridges. Editor Black does some reprographic experimentation on this piece, shooting halftones directly from Bridges’ uninked pencils in some sequences.Then, its the conclusion of the Dragonfly saga, (picking up from the final issue of D-fly’s own book, #8) as Dragonfly battles her way out of an other-dimensional Roman-style coliseum, and finally finds her way back to Earth just in time to finally destroy Psiborg, and free her Rurian friend Aleyta. Story by Rik Levins, pencils by Levins and Billie Marimon (his first assignment for AC Comics) and inks by John Dell. Bonus vintage photo section- Spotlight On Betty Page Color cover by Mark Heike, black and white interior with graytones. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1988.