Synn Special #1


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SYNNSp1 There is no one less likely to have ended up as a superhero than Silva Synn. A former exotic dancer whose tragic past led her to live life on the wild side, kidnapped and experimented on by a renegade scientist working for a twisted secret cabal, the scientific tampering unleashing the universe-shattering power to warp reality in the simple girl. Though a long-time member of the Femforce, (so the other members can keep an eye on her, as much as anything) she is still misunderstood and alienated, even by her own teammates. When a mob-backed kidnapping turns strange and the Femforce is brought in to investigate, Synn and guest star Tara Fremont uncover a strange, otherworldly presence that dates back hundreds of years. Can Synn’s synestropic powers free a non-human, yet tortured soul? “Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”, is filled with giant, bat-winged pigs, dissolving rooms, skyscraper-filling mucus, walking corpses and disembodied aliens, along with more Pink Floyd in-jokes than you can shake a “Cigar” at! It is written, drawn and inked by Mark Heike. Then, a text overview of the history of the Synn character and how it affected the writer, in “I Can’t Get Her Out Of My Head”, also by Heike, a reprint of the origin and first appearance of Synn , from Paragon Illustrated #2, in 1970, written and drawn by Bill Black, a Synn index (to date, at that time) and an interview with Sydney Foxx, the beautiful actress who portrayed Synn in Bill Black’s unfinished film, “Bloodsuckers From Outer Space”, profusely illustrated with stills from the movie. Plus, a Bill Black-Mark Heike centerspread drawing of Synn. Color wraparound cover by Mark Heike, black and white photo inside covers, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1990.