Femforce # 102


The second part of the three-part “Yesterday Syndrome

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The second part of the three-part “Yesterday Syndrome” story. As the Femforce careen through time going backward, they have already passed the points when Tara, Stardust and Synn gained there powers, so all three have disappeared. Now, they are existing long before Laura Wright gained her occult powers as Nightveil. She is still with She-Cat and Ms. V., but it is now as the non-super-powered Blue Bulleteer, and helpless against any mystical threat. The Black Shroud stirs up the coals, appearing to Lady Luger and Fritz Voltzman . Holed up in a New Jersey warehouse in 1948, he tells them he will send them back in time four years- enough to change the course of World War II, with what they now know, if they will do him one favor- eliminate the Femforce!! Before they can save themselves, the FF must make sure that history is not changed, in the bunker of the German High Command in the waning days of WWII!!! Written by Bill Black, drawn by Dick Ayers and inked by Mark Heike. Guest starring The Avenger, Fighting Yank, General Gordon, Yankee Girl, General Strock, Paragon, Commando D, Squeeks, Videxx, and The Shimmerer. Then, remember Madalyn Macabre, the good doctor’s daughter, who stole the Garganta formula, lo those many years ago? How about Marla Allison, the petulant actress who was replaced by Garganta herself, in the giant woman film fiasco in issues 63 & 64 ? Well, everybody remembers Stella Stargaze, the world’s biggest conniver! Put them all together on a new giantess movie set in Florida, and you’ve got some of the wildest city-stomping GTS action you’ve ever seen!! “The Big Deal- When Dreams Come True!”, written by R. Lee Brown, drawn by Eric Coile and inked by Mark Heike. Guest starring General Strock , Garganta, John Carl Buechler, and the entire cast of Seinfeld. Color cover by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike, interiors are black and white with graytones. 40-page standard comic format. ptinted in 1997