Femforce # 107


This is part 1 of the three-part storyline, “Darkgods Rampage

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This is part 1 of the three-part storyline, “Darkgods Rampage” As the Latimer’s fry Paragon’s brain on the moon, and open The Shroud’s dimensional rift to let in the first of his demon soldiers, Roger Brant helps Keela (Firebeam ) Sentry try to predict where and when The Shroud will strike. Meanwhile, General Gordon has the uncooperative Synn gassed and sent to Doc Weir’s asylum, as the FF realize that no one in the government knows that Doc Weir has superheroes in stasis. All begin to see that The Shroud has been systematically removing paranormal oppositon all along. As Nightveil goes to investigate the dimensional rift, the first of The Shroud’s hoardes strike in Miami, and Stardust and Ms. V. rush there to stop them. But how can Paragon be there, fighting with them? Story by Bill Black, pencils by Brad Gorby, inks by Mark Heike. Guest starring General Strock, Popsie-Popp and Manga Synn, The Scarlet Scorpion, Atoman, Speedbolt and Beamer (formerly Magic Lantern )and Cap’n Joel, with cameos by U. S. Jones, The Flame, Airmale, Mr. Scarlet, Skyman, Commando Yank, Captain Flash, The Avenger, Fighting Yank, Videxx, Buckaroo Betty, Garganta, Flexicon, Dr. Darkness, Dragonfly, Lady Darkness and The Justice Squad. The second story stars Yankee Girl, in “Old Flames”. Way back in the Golden Age of comics, Lauren (Yankee Girl) Mason was engaged to Dr. Corey Habot. After 50 years in stasis, Lauren has not aged a bit. Corey, without the benefit, most certainly has. Before long, he realizes that they cannot pick up their relationship where they left off, even if she thinks they can. But he does do her a big favor. Oh, and Yankee Girl fights a giant fire-djinn at a museum, too. Story and pencils by Chris Allen, inks by Mark Heike. Color cover by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike, interiors are black and white with graytones. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1998.