Femforce # 106


This is part 3 of the three-part “Return From The Ashes

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This is part 3 of the three-part “Return From The Ashes” storyline. Marshalling all available forces for the coming onslaught, the Femforce petition to have Firebeam inducted as an official member. Since the spirit has limited range, being somewhat rooted to the vicinity of the place she died, General Gordon is skeptical as to her usefullness. Fate soon takes a hand as a fatal car crash on I-4 gives Nightveil the impetus to implement a mystical plan that will allow the victim’s grieving family to have their daughter back, as well as give firebeam unlimited mobility through a new human host body.Meanwhile, Synn becomes more strident than ever in her refusal to face the coming calamity. (And she doesn’t even mean The Shroud War! ). Plot by Bill and Rebekah Black, script and pencils by Brad Gorby, inks by Mark Heike. Guest starring General Strock, Atoman, Verdon Fell, Lucifer Sam, The Scarlet Scorpion, Keela Sentry, “Gadjets” Galtry, Rayda, Colt, Garganta and Roger Brant. Then, in “Shadows Of Yesterday, Part II”, as Paragon works on the device to amplify his mind to match The Black Shroud with Richard and Nikki Latimer, he has no idea that it is through jealousy ( Richard’s envy for Paragon’s immortality while he must age, and Nikki’s bitterness over Paragon’s relationship with Ms. V.) that The Shroud was able to possess them. Story, layouts and inks by Bill Black, drawn by Brad Gorby. Color cover by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike, interiors are black and white with graytones. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1997.