Femforce # 117


Lead story is “Curse of the Kraken




Lead story is “Curse of the Kraken” Part 2- Nightveil and She-Cat combat Simon, Aura and The Kraken’s female minions to prevent them from killing all the dance club patrons and moving on to the rest of the city. An incredible cat fight ensues with Femforce battling exotic dancers. During the struggle, Nightveil learns more of The Kraken’s past, but is it enough to help her stop this evil entity before it claims countless more lives? Art by Scott Nemmers, story by Tony Bruno. Then, it’s a special guest-star romp as Cave Girl and Yankee Girl tussle in the world of 1954, in “Men Are From Mars…” a story by Mark Heike, with art by guest-creator Andrew Pepoy !! Plus, a text story – what if the AC Universe HAD no Femforce!?! it’s Part 1 of Jason Greeenfield’s “The Nightman Chronicles”. A vintage Fiction House reprint follows; Rio Rita by Jack Kamen-Plus, an all-Bill Black short feature, Synn in “Chocolate Fudge Sundaze!” 44 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book size. Printed in 2002. Special Note: Because of a mistake in estimating, we did not have enough covers printed for this book to allow an extensive overrun for back-issue sales. We have an extremely limited number of copies for sale through the AC webstore, and once they are gone, that is it. We cannot produce more. If you want to own this book, we would suggest you do not delay in ordering. It is possible we MIGHT reprint this material someday in some format, but we have no definite plans to do so at this time. Please be advised that this same situation will affect Femforce 118, which will be finished about the third week of December.