Femforce # 116


THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!!  Maria Savarese as Alizarin Crimson on the photocover! A new lead story features jungle GTS mayhem as FF giat woman Tara faces her old enemies Dr. and Roxanne Rivits, dabbling in forbidden experiments in the African jungle, and only a giant woman can bring the misancreants to justice. Story by M. Wade Hobby, with art by Eric Coile and Bill Black. Then, the villainous Alizarin Crimson is back with a vengeance!! Disguised as Femforce team leader Ms. Victory, Crimson enters Nightveil’s Everglades sanctum to steal the all-powerful Prima Gem!! Story and inks by Bill Black, art by Eric Coile. After the encounter with Crimson, Nightveil and She-Cat find a clammy menace from beneath the sea that turns Spring Break in Florida into a bloodbath of horror!! It’s “The Curse of the Kraken!!

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