Femforce # 160


Solo adventures are the order of the day in the latest big, 80-page issue of FEMFORCE; #160. In a period of rare calm between universe-shattering emergencies, the various members of the FF are following their own interests and fending for themselves- in this era and others!! In the present, SHE-CAT heads to New Orleans for a few days of revelry, but is soon pulled into a macabre murder mystery in “Trail of the Velvet Ghost

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Stories by Frank Tra, Eric Johnson, Mark Heike, David Watkins, Maura Grundmeyer, John Gotschall, Rock Baker, and Jeff Austin. Art by Eric Coile, Scott Shriver, Chris Allan, Rock Baker, Anthony Conversano, Mark Seppe, Mark Heike, Scott Larson, Dan Gorman, and Jeff Austin. Cover by Eduardo Barreto. AC Comics presents the adventures of their all-female superhero team. She-Cat tracks the Velvet Ghost while investigating a murder in New Orleans; Nightveil seeks clues to the Wampyrs next move; An early adventure of Miss Victory during World War II. She-Cat in Trail of the Velvet Ghost; Stardust in Satellite of Hate; Synn in Perfect Gentlemen; Palindrome; Miss Victory in The Master of the Lightning!; Blue Bulleteer in Trophy Wife Scorned; Humonga in Growing for the Gold; Stardust in Memories: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 80 pages, B&W. Printed in 2012