Femforce # 159


A supernatural malevolence looms over the FEMFORCE, so when word of strange goings-on in a French castle reaches the FF, Nightveil urges the team to investigate. It’s not the threat NV fears, but Gallic ghosts and continental criminals team up to give Ms. VICTORY, NIGHTVEIL, TARA and SHE-CAT all they can handle in “Thje House of Lost Souls

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Stories by Chad Halcom, Frank Tra, Eric Lindberg, Eric Johnson, and Will Meugniot. Art by Rock Baker, Eric Coile, Will Meugniot, Eric Alan Nelson, Frankie Addiego, Scott Shriver and Jeff Austin. Flipbook cover by Brad Gorby. AC Comics presents the adventures of their all-female superhero team. The team investigates strange goings-on in a haunted French castle; The vintage air ace known as Black Venus reappears just as a crazed German cyborg known as The Gryphon threatens Honolulu; The N.E.D.O.R. Agents set out to rescue Pyrogirl, but shes being held captive on the moon. House of Lost Souls!; N.E.D.O.R. Agents; Fortunes of War, Part II; Not A Gentleman Caller. 80 pages, B&W.