Femforce #175



DUE TO UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND, THIS LANDMARK ISSUE IS ALREADY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! The historic 175Th issue of FEMFORCE is now available!! This awesome milestone event opens with the conclusion to last issue’s ZAZURRA storyline, as the staggering stone giantess’ saga takes a number of suprising twists. Two characters dating back to FEMFORCE Special #1 fall in pitched battle- and just HOW does the enigmatic new villainess BLITZFRAU fit into all this? A 26-page tour-de-force titled “Showdown”, written by Mark and Stephanie Heike, with art by Rock Baker, Jeff Austin and Mark and Stephanie Heike. Then, RAD pursues her secret “undercover”mission posing as an operative for the subversive paramilitary group “The STRONG HAND in “Fools Rush In”. The mission is easy enough- but how does she maintain her cover without breaking millions of laws and creating an international incident? Story by Mark Holmes, with art by Gianluca Cerritelli and Jeff Austin. Ms. VICTORY and TARA must try to stop a mutated scientist without using lethal force in “The Monstrous Burden”, a thoughtful allegory written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Francesco Savi. On Dark Dhagor, NIGHTVEIL, Azagoth and the rest of the oppressed Dhagorians foment a plan to overthrow the rule of VIVARNA’s villainous sorcerers’ cabal in “In The Court Of The Crimson King”, written by Mark Heike, and illustrated by Dan Gorman and Scott Shriver. Next, an FF story with a very different flavor, as Ms. V, SYNN, SHE-CAT, TARA and STARDUST spend a day “On The Beach”, wherin Synn’s unique perspective averts an inter-species conflagration, despite the meddling of the JUSTICE SQUADRON. Written by Jim Johnston, with pencils and inks by Scott Shriver. Finally, Rock Baker’s DINOSAUR GIRL returns, as the giantess heroine of WWII finds herself (and husband Rex) in the middle of a “Spy Ring”. Story and pencils by the talented Mr. Baker, with inks by new sensation Leonardo Martens. Seventy-six pages of story and art, black and white interiors with full-color covers, saddle-stitched and standard comic book size- that’s FEMFORCE #175!! Released in 2016.