Femforce #190




Femforce #190

Artists: Eric Coile and Bill Black
Cover Artist: Eric Coile and Bill Black
Synopsis: Femforce nemesis, Alizarin Crimson, has been successful in defeating the group. But help, involving the return of an AC Universe hero, arrives from a most unexpected source. Nightveil is thrust into a life or death battle to reclaim her Cloak of Darkness. Without the team’s aid can she possibly survive?

Though the world around us is in life-threatening turmoil, production goes on at AC Comics. While we’ve been notified that Diamond Distribution will be suspending operations as of April 1 ( which means AC books already “in the Diamond pipeline” includuding 21st CENTURIONS#2, FEMFORCE #189, MEN of MYSTERY #114,SUPERBABES #4, GOLDEN AGE GREATS SPOTLIGHT SPECIAL #20 and 21St CENTURIONS #3 will be delayed until Diamond resumes normal distribution), we are told they WILL continue assembling Previews catalogs for the future. Because of that, we will continue moving forward on our titles, and provide Diamond with solicitation info as long as they are calling for it. In light of that, we are preparing FEMFORCE #190 as a (potential) August, 2020 release, to be featured in the June 2020 issue of Diamond Previews.

Loyal FEMFORCE readers well know that NIGHTVEIL, sorceress supreme of the AC Universe has been separated from her mega-powerful Cloak of Darkness for almost SEVEN YEARS now. FEMFORCE #190 will signal the battle royal between NV and her arch-enemy ALIZARIN CRIMSON for possession of the Cloak. If NV prevails, she returns to her former status as THE most powerful heroine in the AC realm. If she loses…??? Written, inked, lettered and colored by FEMFORCE Aand NIGHTVEIL) creator Bill Black, with pencils by dynamic Eric Coile. That’s FEMFORCE #190; 24 pages in FULL DIGITAL COLOR inside of full-color covers, (still $5.95) intended for August, 2020- from AC Comics!! If Diamond Distribution and the rest of the world will be there- so will we!! There are FEW advantages to being a small, tight-knit operation- ONE of them is, we stand a bettter chance of surviving a catastrophic disruption in the distribution and retail chain. AC plans to survive this one, and we are continuing creative and editorial work at full speed through this crisis.

How the Diamond suspension will affect the release of the above-listed “delayed titles” is unclear at this point. We can only pass along such information to potential readers when WE getr it at some point from Diamond Distribution.

Now in FULL DIGITAL COLOR!! The mystery of NIGHTVEIL’S missing cloak revealed! The re-emergence of the villainous ALIZARIN CRIMSON! Guest-stars galore! FEMFORCE creator BILL BLACK returns on script and art. with help from FF fan-favorite ERIC COILE on pencils! Backup co-features the SENTINELS of JUSTICE!!

A new era begins at AC COMICS in December 2019 as the long-running FEMFORCE title (published in black and white since 1995) moves to COLOR with issue #188!!

The positive response AC continues to receive on it’s initial pair of color releases; SUPERBABES and 21st CENTURIONS have led us to turn the ongoing FEMFORCE quarterly into a standard 32-pager in FULL DIGITAL COLOR on GLOSSY PAPER!! Cover price will go DOWN with this landmark issue as well (when is the last time you heard THAT?), from the $9.95 level that FF has been at since issue #150, to ONLY $5.95!!!

As if all THAT is not enough excitement, FEMFORCE CREATOR ( and AC COMICS Editor Emeritus) BILL BLACK returns to write (and ink!) this issues’ lead story; “Treachery, Thy Color Is Crimson”! Longtime FEMFORCE nemesis ALIZARIN CRIMSON pops up to menace each member of the FF team in their dreams in a plot to keep NIGHTVEIL from her all-powerful Cloak of Darkness. The Mystic Miss has been WITHOUT that awesome weapon since 2014- this saga begins to unravel the HOW and WHY.

Pencils on this historic adventure will be provided by ERIC COILE. ERIC has illustrated numerous FEMFORCE tales since 1994, and his renditions of Ms. VICTORY, SHE-CAT, SYNN, TARA and STARDUST are among the very favotites among long-time FEMFORCE readers.