Femforce # 81


All Color!!! The new Rad (Jennifer Burke ) is relaxing in Miami, plotting her next move. Her manipulation at the hands of the government has made the Rad persona permanent. She decides her best career decision is- become gangland boss of South Florida. Trouble is, she’s not the only one with that idea. While Rad terrorizes the local toughs to soften them for the takeover, Reddevil and Crimebuster doubt the headlines that scream “Iron Jaw Is Dead

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All Color!!! While Synn is trapped on Dark Dhagor at the mercy of Vivarna, gang war rages in Miami. The struggle turns personal as Ms. V. squares off against Rad- shocked by the savagery of her attack. As the Sentinels try to deal with protecting bystanders and Paragon attempts to reason with The Scarlet Scorpion, Iron Jaw slips away. But, fear not- Reddevil, Crimebuster and Squeeks are hot on his trail. During a quiet respite after the day’s battle, Joan Wayne ‘s thoughts turn to the loss of loved ones close to her. Paragon offers to try to help her build a new personal side to her life, and a budding romance blooms. “Love And War” is written by Bill Black, drawn by Brad Gorby, Mark Heike and Eric Coile(his first assignment for AC Comics ) and inked by Heike. It guest stars Commando D, The Avenger, Astron , Rayda and Mr. Brimstone.Color cover by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1995.