Femforce # 98


Special Spanish translation issue When She-Cat meets aging horror film great Verdon Fell, she is starstruck like we’ve never seen her. When the pushy ‘Cat insists on horning in on the special midnite V.I.P. opening of his new Florida tourist attraction, she can’t know trouble will follow. Fell’s classic horror acting career fizzled when modern gory horror flooded the market, and when the three young directors he most blames for the change in film style take the tour with him, he has a murderous revenge scheduled for them, a’ la Edgar Allen Poe. When the rest of the FF investigate some strange phenomena during a late-night storm, they discover the uncanny Enigma Cloud (Last seen in the Bolt series.) in Earth’s atmosphere. Discerning that it’s unpredictable vibrations were the cause of Fell’s uncharacteristic homicidal streak, they arrive in time to save the directors and She-Cat from the unkindest cut of all. “The Cat And The Pendulum

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