Gargantarama # 6


Stardust is dead, but the rest of the FF must carry on. Not all parties are willing to accept the finality of Dusty’s demise, however; and as Nightveil braves the Limbo Void to test the viability of somehow contacting her spirit, she stumbles upon an old mystery that apparently has come back to life. Ms. Victory faces an unexpected reaction from her husband, the man known as Paragon; when he learns that a clone made from genetic material harvested unknowingly from himself and Ms V may exist. Ms. V thinks of “it’ as a monster, while Paragon considers it their son!! And when the being himself calls on Rad , it’s hardly a family reunion as she beats the heck out of him and sends him packing. Could this unlikely turn of events lead to a reconcilIation of sorts- or at least an alliance- between Ms. Victory and her estranged daughter, Rad? The plot thickens in a Femforce tale told in three chapters, “Post Mortem

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