Good Girl Art Quarterly #14


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The Femforce’s sultry She-Cat stars in the new lead story,as an almost accidental saving of the President’s life suddenly makes her a media star, and threatens to “ruin”the public image she covets of being dangerous and unpredictable, in “America’s Sweetheart?” Plotted by Tillman Smoot, with script and pencils by Mark (Star Trek) Heike, and inks by Chris (David Jacob Beckett)Allen. It guest stars the staff of Orlando’s top comic shop, Enterprise 1701. In full color. Then, this issues reprint section is chock full of goodies of the girl art variety, starting with a pair from Quality Comics of the 1940’s. First, it’s the ultimate leggy glamour girl, Torchy, getting into more trouble with a modelling job turned bad, in a story drawn by creator Bill Ward; then it’s the lesser known (but much more buxom) Choo Choo, who’s doing some modelling, too-at the beach. Then, Matt Baker’s Sky Gal(Girl) is back, straight out of Fiction House’s Jumbo Comics . It’s back to tumbleweed country next, as Bill Black picks up on a subject left off with in #12, on “Gals Of The Wild West Revisited!”, followed by a full story reprint of Pete Morisi’s Two-Gun Lil, reprinted from Quality Comics (again) Crack Western. Love those girls in cowhide and leather. And yet another text feature, this one discussing the changes that the implementation of the Comics Code Authority had on existing strips featuring female leads, with “Baggy Shorts, The Phantom Lady, And The Comics Code”, followed by a full color reprint of one of the 1950’s Ajax/Farrell Phantom Lady stories, “What Price Protection”, with the P.L. costume and figures restored to what they ORIGINALLY were drawn like, before Code censors got to them. Plus, a color Bill Ward Torchy pin-up. Color cover by Mark(Lady Justice)Heike, interiors are color and black and white with graytones. 52 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1993.