Good Girl Art Quarterly #15


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Special Glamourcon Issue!! Photo cover of AC actresses/spokesmodels Sharon Blair and Lois Hamilton!! Femforce resident alien Stardust stars in this issue’s lead story, as she has finally embraced life on Earth, and in very human fashion, gets lost in the excitement of a new hairdo and costume.(first story appearance for this costume, whicch was eventually changed back. ) When she volunteers to appear at a charity fundraiser put together by the shady Wayne Markley, neither know that the event is about to be crashed by that Golden Age Ace comics villain,(and nemesis to Magno) The Clown. Guest stars Jeff Bembaron and Howard Williams. This untitled story is written and inked by Mark Heike, and drawn by Chris Allen. Then, it’s the usual double dose of Matt Baker girly goodness, with his sensual art on Fox Feature’s Phantom Lady, in a story called “The Television Spies”, and a Sky Gal(Girl) strip out of Fiction House’s Jumbo. A new lady to GGAQ arrives this ish out of The Golden Age, Black Venus and her black leather swimsuit and boots, from Continental’s Contact Comics, in a story called “Agent X”, drawn by Rudy Palais. Special photo coverage of the first ever Glamourcon in Los Angeles comes next, with a write up by Drake Letcher- and finally a special bonus, a second “new” story this issue, this one starring Mike Frankovich, Jr.’s lady spy, Dawn Hunter, in her first AC Comics story appearance. A mining dispute in South America involves international terrorists using a mine shaft as an ammo cache in this story plotted and drawn by Chris Allen, scripted by Mike Frankovich Jr., and Bill Black, and inked by Allen, Chad Hunt and Chris Allen. Color photo cover, interiors are color and black and white. 52 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1994.