Good Girl Art Quarterly #8


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Special Comic Book Characters That Look Like Betty Page Issue!! This book leads off with a new color Femforce story featuring the wild west cowgirl brought into the present, Buckaroo Betty Bates. (Y’see, her rairstyle is eerily reminiscent of a certain dark-haired pin-up model’s…) Well, living in an era out of your own time can be confusing- and when Buckaroo Betty see some ad posters advertising a new movie based on the life story of magazine model Betty Books, well the character looks a little too similar to our Ms. Bates for her liking. Stampeding on down to the movie studio, Betty barges in just in time for the filming of the big lingerie/bondage scene. Like any good old fashioned girl would- she shoots the place up. “Big Screen Betty” is written by Bill Black, drawn by Dick Ayers and Black, with inks by Mark Heike. The vintage reprints section starts with Fiction House fan-favorite, Jumbo Comic’s Sky Girl. (Hey, whats SHE doing in this book? She doesn’t look like you-know-who.) In color. Then, “Imagine If… Betty Page were Torchy”- not exactly as it originally appeared, this is a Gill Fox Torchy tale from the ’40’s, with Torchy’s haitstyle reworked to look like our theme for this month. Goofy? Maybe so-but wait, there’s more! A five-page photo section of Betty shots, then, a Golden Age Matt Baker story reworked by Bill Black into a color Phantom Lady story that never was! “Wild Eyes!” (Remember, PL’s hairstyle is an AWFUL lot like…) And finally, a full color Yankee Girl story that was originally drawn in the Golden Age for the Chesler books, but never PRINTED, is used here, with YG’s hair rewoked into the Betty look. What else can we say but that you’ll get a …bang…out of this issue? Color cover by Mark Heike, interiors are color and black and white with graytones. 52 pages, standard comic format. Printed in 1992.