Good Girl Art Quarterly #9


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Giant sized fun awaits in the lead story, which feature Femforce supporting giantess, Garganta in color in “Island Claws”. In an effort to help them both better master their size-changing abilities, Tara Fremont has brought Garganta to the peace and tranquility of her Jungle Island preserve. But the quiet doen’t last long, as the island is soon invaded by an even bigger player- that old Lev Gleason anti-hero, ( revived in the AC Universe as a full-fledged super villain) The Claw!! Garganta starts out at fifty feet tall, The Claw even larger ! As the battle of the titans reaches a crescendo, Big G must call on some very special friends to turn the tide. Great giant woman fight scenes and GTS action. Written by Bill Black, drawn by Dick Ayers, and inked by Mark Heike. “Big thrills” continue in the Golden Age section, with a color tale of that redheaded Fiction House babe, Sky Gal(formerly Sky Girl) by Matt Baker- “Crunchy Corn, For The Strength Of A Caveman” reprinted from a story originally appearing in Jumbo.Then, it’s more Baker babes in Tiger Girl, from a 1946 issue of Fight Comics., and still a third Matt Baker opus, as he draws his signature character, Fox Feature’s Phantom Lady, in glorious color in “The Copy-Cat Killers”, originally seen in All Top Comics #14, 1948. Finish with Fran Hopper’s Mysta Of The Moon, from Planet Comics #40, a Matt Baker checklist of all his published work, and throw in a Pistol Packin’ Pattie (“Belittling”) by Frank Bolle, and you’ve got another book full of sultry, sexy, long-legged girls drawn in the best glamorous, pinup type “good girl art” you can find. Color cover by Bill Black and Mark Heike, interiors are color and black and white with graytones. 52 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1992.