Jungle Girls 7


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An excellent selection of jungle glamour in this all-vintage reprint issue. No title of this kind could be complete without an ample helping of Golden Age Fiction House material, so this edition features two FH stories, both drawn by the great Matt(Phantom Lady)Baker- Tiger Girl fight women warriors in a story originally appearing in Fight Comics #39, then Camilla, Wild Girl of the Congo goes to “The Festival of B’Togi”. Also, Nyoka, The Jungle Girl rings in with “The Dancing Statues”, from Fawcett Comics’ Master #128, and Magazine Enterprises’ Cave Girl, (drawn by Bob Powell) in “The Doom Boat”, from Africa Comics #1. This is the material that the term “good girl art” was coined to describe. See three very different takes on jungle girls, all in complete stories, perfectly reproduced. Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 36 pages, standard comic book format