Men of Mystery # 12


During the Golden Age of comics, Everett M. Arnold’s “Quality Comics

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During the Golden Age of comics, Everett M. Arnold’s “Quality Comics” was aptly named, as he hired nothing but the very best artists in the industry to illustrate his features. We’ve spotlighted the creme de la creme among them here. This issue starts out with Espionage-Starring The Black X, from Smash Comics, a pre-Spirit gem by the great Will Eisner, followed by Stuart Taylor- Strange Stories of The Supernatural, (Not actually a Quality feature, rather a Fiction House strip from an early issue of Jumbo Comics ) a sci-fi adventure drawn by the incomparable Lou Fine; a pair of vintage Fox Features strips, both out of an early issue of Wonderworld Comics: Dr Fung, by Bob Powell, and more Eisner magic on Yarko The Great. The legendary Jack Cole clocks in with the wacky origin of The Death Patrol from Military Comics #1, and an homage/restoration of Paul Gustavson’s Human Bomb, (the origin story) done by none other than C. C. Beck. Also, “The Collector’s Corner” by Bill Black focuses on DC Comics’ The Flash this issue. And if that’s not enough, as a special feature, we have part 1 of an interview with the man who knew and worked with them all… one-time Quality Comics art director (and Blackhawk co-creator) Chuck Cuidera!! Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format.