Men of Mystery # 82


A special “Women of Mystery

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A special “Women of Mystery” issue, focusing on the fighting females of 1940’s comicdom!! The first time in history that over 200 pages in one volume have been devoted to classic reprints of vintage heroines!! And this selection includes both the popular and the obscure- 30 full-length stories in all, including a number of first-appearance encores, and more than half a dozen distaff adventurers NEVER reprinted anywhere before!! This spectacular volume includes Fox Feature’s PHANTOM LADY in”The Case of the Swindling Eye”, drawn by Matt Baker; Standard/Nedor’s MISS MASQUE in “The Gems of Jeopardy”, with art by Bob Oksner, Ralph Mayo & Co; a never-before-reprinted MISS VICTORY tale from Holyoke’s Captain Aero Comics; “The Mad Monster”, with art by Nina Albright; the first appearance of Ace Comics’ LIGHTNING GIRL, costumed partner to LASH LIGHTNING, in “The Teacher and the Lesson of Doom”; Fiction House Comics’ GALE ALLEN and the Girl Squadron; MYSTA of The Moon, FUTURA and SKY GIRL, all in never-previously-seen adventures, plus the FIRST appearance of SENORITA RIO, from Fight Comics # 19 with art by Nick Cardy; EC’s MOON GIRL in “The Rustlers of Ransom Gap”, drawn by Johnny Craig; Quality’s DOLL GIRL fights side by side with DOLLMAN in “The Voodoo Master”, and TORCHY rides a horse in a Bill Ward classic- plus the first appearance of the GGA superheroine WILDFIRE from Smash Comics #25, by Robert Turner and Jim Mooney, and LADY LUCK breaks up a larcenous carnival in a Klaus Nordling-illustrated episode; the first appearance of Continental Publishing’s BLACK VENUS from Contact Comics #1, drawn by Charles Tomsey; Harry “A” Chesler’s JET-GIRL teams with ROCKETMAN in an Al Plastino- illustrated adventure, “Murder Hides It’s Tracks”, from Zip-Jet # 2; Fawcett Comics’ BULLETGIRL joins BULLETMAN in tackling “The Homicidal Highjackers”, drawn by Bob Fujitani, from Master Comics #88; and NYOKA The Jungle Girl faces “The Flying Snake” in a Max Elkan-drawn story from Master #109; while IBIS the Invincible is aided by the beauteous TAIA in “The Vampire Cloak”, from Whiz #114; Wild West shapshooter KITTY CARSON deals with “Indian Revenge”, as illoed by Bob Powell !! As if ALL THAT wasn’t enough, there are also these stories featuring female crimefighters making their first-time MOM appearances: BLONDE BOMBER in “Hawaii Has Termites”, drawn by Jill Elgin; GALE LEARY-The Will O’The Wisp in an unnamed story from Key Comics #3; Hillman’s IRON LADY in her debut story, originally published in Airboy Volume 4, #1; M. E.’s UNDERCOVER GIRL in “The House That Hate Built”, by Ogden Whitney; Spark Pubs’ GOLDEN GIRL, in her one and only appearance from Golden Lad #5, “The Phoney Policemen”; Centaur Comics The BLUE LADY, in her debut story from Amazing Man Comics #25, and TWO one-shot heroines from Cambridge House’s Star Studded Comics, The COMMANDETTE (drawn by Nina Albright) and The GHOST WOMAN!! And that’s STILL not all, as this issue includes a bonus story starring The DURANGO KID and other surprises!! 220 pages of crystal-clear, state-of-the-art reprints from actual Golden Age comics, in stunning black & white between full-color covers. This perfect-bound, comic-book sized bookshelf volume was released by AC Comics in June, 2010.