Men of Mystery # 84


This issue’s main focus is on the late, great Standard/Nedor/Better/Pines comics group of the 1940’s, and features a fistful of reprints of their top super-types, including THE BLACK TERROR (in THREE FULL STORIES!!), FIGHTING YANK, PYROMAN. DOC STRANGE, PRINCESS PANTHA , The AMERICAN EAGLE, all in never-before-reprinted adventures- PLUS the FIRSTE-VER MOM appearances of The LIBERATOR, CAPTAIN FUTURE and CAPTAIN CROSSBONES!! Included among this is a COMPLETE reprint of BLACK TERROR Comics #27, the last issue of that character’s Golden Age run!! But that is FAR from all, since the balance of this huge, 200+ page issue carries 14 MORE full-length Golden Age stories, including The DOLL MAN in “The Snoopernike

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