Men of Mystery # 85


THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!ALL FEMALE Men of Mystery blockbuster spectacular!! EVERY story in this volume features a distaff dare-doll in vintage Golden Age action, reprinted from the original 1940’s comic book in which they originally appeared!! 31 full GA stories in all, featuring 28 DIFFERENT heroines, including 12 NEVER BEFORE SEEN in the pages of Men of Mystery!! First-timers include LADY SATAN, TOMBOY, SUZIE, YANKEE GIRL,TARA, USA-SPIRIT OF OLD GLORY, TANGI, The VEILED AVENGER, PAT PATRIOT, SPIDER QUEEN, BLACK PHANTOM and FANTOMAH. Things lead off with the never-before-reprinted Fox Features PHANTOM LADY classic “The Jack-In-The-Box Murders

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